AEUR in circulation: 0.0000
EUR in reserve: 0.00

Prerequisites: In order to use the Ardorgate service, you must have a verified Mistertango bank account. To learn about how to open an account with Mistertango, please check their website for details:

If you already have a verified Mistertango account, please follow the steps below to learn about how to deposit EUR and withdraw AEUR.



1. Enter any amount of EUR between the limits, indicated below the amount field.

2. Enter your Ardor account ID, which you control, and to which AEUR tokens must be sent.

3. Text for data, which should be used for token generation.

4. Copy paste you generated token with the data, indicated in point 3.:

A. Go to your Ardor client, click on the "gear" icon in the top right of your client and choose "Generate Token"


B. Enter text from 3. into data field, enter your Ardor account passphrase and hit "Generate".


C. Copy generated token to the 4. field of Ardorgate deposit webpage.



5. This field shows how many AEUR tokens you will receive.

6. Check, if you agree with terms and conditions.

7. Check, if you agree with privacy policy.

8. If all the fields are filled correctly (green check mark in the fields), a "Deposit" button will be active. Click "Deposit", it will open Mistertango payment widget.


A. Enter your Mistertango login details and click "Sign In"


B. Click on "Make payment" and EUR will be sent to Ardorgate account and the corresponding amount of AEUR tokens will be sent to your Ardor account id.



 1. In Ardor client, click "Withdraw AEUR" button. Payment dialog window will open:


A. Enter your Mistertango IBAN account number.

B. Enter your Mistertango account holder name.

C. Enter AEUR amount you want to withdraw.

D. Click on "Calculate" for AEUR transaction fee calculation.

E. Enter your Ardor account passphrase

F. Click on "Submit" button, if you want to withdraw.

G. After 10 confirmations of your withdraw transaction, check your Mistertango account for received EUR.